Vanessa Van Noy
3 min readFeb 6, 2021


Vegan isn’t a four letter word…

I am vegan. In my life I have rescued animals of all kinds, I live with two of them, my dogs.

Dogs can be vegan, but mine are not, I buy chicken necks from a butcher, they eat mostly raw.

I found, through trial and error that this was the best for them.

Yesterday was one of those days that the fact that I’m handling a dead animal, an animal that have rescued many times from death at the hands of others, It makes my heart and my stomach hurt.

We live in a world that still kills sentient beings for unnecessary sustenance.

Unfortunately I will never escape it.

I’ve always loved animals, even as a kid. My mother’s ongoing joke as I grew up was that I was going to run away at some point and join Greenpeace. I was a kid that brought home strays, both animals and people. I am not of the belief that one animals life is more precious than other, that we care, cuddle and costume one but torture and kill the other. It’s pure hypocrisy from where I stand. To me, the unnecessary death any innocent being is a travesty, something to be avoided at any cost. Any human or animal, no matter what the color, creed or species.

All life is precious. To me that’s the bottom line.

It’s the strangest thing to me when people feel the need to apologize for this.

“sorry” I’m vegan…. Sorry… I don’t eat meat, Sorry… no I don’t drink milk, you realize cheese is milk? nope not chicken either, Or fish ..sorry. I’ve apologized at many dinners with many people for many years.

Im not sorry.

Nor should I be. No one should be.

Take this question purely on face value..

“Do you think it’s reasonable for anyone to apologize for not wanting to harm or kill a defenseless animal? “

Who would say yes to that?

The answer is, simple… no compassionate person would.

And yet… vegans and vegetarians worldwide do more often than not when dealing with their omnivore friends and family every day.

The systematic captivity and murder of animals has been the human custom since people could catch them. It’s been an unfortunately slow process of undoing, opening peoples eyes to the truth of the matter. I am one of many trying to help this process move forward a little faster.

In 2012 I founded a charity called “Headstands For Hunger”.

Headstands for Hunger organizes yoga based events to support the feeding of hungry people and pets in Monmouth County.

When I decided to help my community the best I could with the tools I had, I knew disadvantaged animals needed to be included, its just my nature.

Ive always been that guy who helped those lacking help, been a voice for the voiceless.

My innate qualities, my essence, could be due to nature or nurture, probably a bit of both.

From what I’ve been told..its in my stars.

Whatever the origin, this is who I am. Im proud to be someone who leads by example. To show, in the best way I can that animal lives matter too.

We all deserve to live in freedom and joy.

I love animals and I would never want them to suffer in any way.

I will never again apologize.